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At Town Square Title, we are not just another Title Company, we earn the right to be your title company. From the beginning to the end of your transaction, our goal is to make your closing journey as smooth as possible. With seven (7) locations to serve you, we also have a Client Advocate Team which will act as a mobile closing service for you.

Town Square Title consistently coordinates with everyone involved of the real estate transaction, from the realtor to the lender to any of the principals of the transaction.

We have national underwriters supporting all of our transactions, including Alliant National Title, Chicago Title, Fidelity National Title and National Investors. Our title plant is licensed in 13 counties and our experience in the examination department cannot be matched by any other alternatives in Ellis County as well as other operations in surrounding counties.

Town Square Title has a wealth of knowledge and experience at your disposal to assist with any type of transaction. Contact any one of our branches today and experience the difference!

TST Leadership Team

  • Ross Weaver

    Ross Weaver

    Executive Vice President/Agency Manager

    Ross Weaver is the Executive Vice President and Agency Manager for Town Square Title. Joining this team in 2011 and in this executive leadership role, he promotes excellence in his teams and encourages them daily to take ownership of their responsibilities. Mr. Weaver is passionate about ensuring that team members have the tools, technology, and training to exceed expectations.

    Ross is a third-generation resident of his hometown, Midlothian, TX. It is here that he had the honor of serving as the Chairman of the Planning & Zoning Commission from 2012 through 2020, only stepping down in 2020 because he had reached the term limit for that appointment. He helped found the Legislative Affairs Committee of the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce and currently serves as the Chairman of this committee. When not teaching and training in marital arts or attempting to play tennis with his kids, he can often be found around town in the company of his lovely wife, Heather, and his two sons Lukas and Lincoln.

  • Randy Pearson

    Randy Pearson

    Executive Vice President/CTIP/NTP

    Randy is a 40-year veteran of the Texas land title industry and currently serves on the Regulatory Committee, Legislative Committee and TLTAPAC Board of Trustees of the Texas Land Title Association. Randy also volunteers his time to various boards and organizations and truly believes in the axiom of ‘the more you give, the more you get back.' Over his career, Randy has been a speaker at regional seminars promoted by the Texas Land Title Association on subjects relating to both basic and advanced land title abstracting and examination, oil and gas issues, and other critical and timely matters. Randy has earned state and national title industry professional certifications. He has served as an approved instructor for REALTOR® continuing education by the Texas Real Estate Commission, and contributed as a visiting lecturer for the Petroleum Land Management program at Texas Tech University on topics involving petroleum lands and leasing. Randy has earned his CTIP (Certified Title Insurance Professional) from the Texas Land Title Association and honored as an NTP (National Title Professional) by the American Land Title Association.

    Married to his best friend, Robin Pearson, they have four children and eight awesome grandchildren!

  • Melissa Ballard

    Melissa Ballard

    SVP/Marketing & Advocate

    Melissa is the Marketing & Advocate Team Director for Town Square Title. Building and maintain strong alliances within our communities, working with our employees to stay connected with our community-based resources, collaborates with cities, counties and school districts, and serves as a liaison between the community stakeholders and Town Square Title.

    Melissa has served on numerous boards/commissions/organizations, and still proudly serves on the American Land Title Association Membership Committee, City of Waxahachie Planning & Zoning Commission and the Rotary Club of Waxahachie.

  • Rick Davis

    Rick Davis

    SVP/Title Plant Operations

    With over 35 years in the title industry and prior to joining Town Square Title, Rick's career has taken him through right of way acquisitions, stand up examinations, underwriting claims research and managing large exam teams. Today Rick oversees and manages all aspects of the title plant from order entry through closing.

    In his spare time, you can find Rick anywhere his children have sporting events, dance recitals or camping as a family.

  • Michelle McKechnie

    Michelle McKechnie

    Vice President/Agency Coordinator

    Michele began her career in the title industry in 1999 as a policy typist and quickly worked her way to the agency side of the industry. Joining Town Square Title in 2015 she serves as the Agency Coordinator with all of our Underwriters.

    She and her husband Brian, have two grown children and two grandchildren and find themselves involved in their Church and various community projects.

  • Robin Pearson

    Robin Pearson

    SVP/CTIP/Escrow Staff Development

    Robin serves as the Escrow Staff Development Officer of Town Square Title. Beginning her career in the title industry at the Receptionist Desk in 1980, she has worked through all phases of the title industry, which included forming an upstart independent agency, and spending many years as an Escrow Officer. She currently as the Escrow Staff Development wherein she uses her career to teach young professionals the industry. Throughout her career, she has formed relationships, implemented processes and procedures, coached, developed and supervised staffing, and driving growth & revenue.

    Robin was honored to receive the Professional Excellence Award from the Texas Land Title Association ("TLTA") in 2014. She currently serves on TLTA's Certification Committee and Land Title School of Texas Committee while also supporting other professional industry groups and associations. She has obtained and maintained the Certified Title Insurance Professional designation through the Texas Land Title Association. Robin is an approved instructor for REALTOR® continuing education by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

    She is married to her best friend Randy, and together they enjoy spending time in West Texas, with their children and grandchildren.

  • Krista  Steele

    Krista Steele


    Krista is the Post-Closing Manager for Town Square Title. Graduating from the University of Texas at Arlington with a BBA in Management in 2004, she joined Town Square Title as a policy typist. From there she quickly transitioned into the role of managing the post-closing department wherein they are responsible for all funding and accounting aspects of any real estate transaction. Krista attained her CESP (Certified Escrow Settlement Professional) in 2017 from the Texas Land & Title Association.

    She and her husband Randy living in Midlothian with their three children and are involved in their kids' activities which include baseball, dance, soccer and travel with a passion for reading.

Escrow Staff

Melissa Cagle, VP/Escrow Officer / Waxahachie

Cindy Turley, VP/Escrow Officer / Waxahachie

Chelsea Holder, Escrow Officer / Waxahachie

Wendy Pitman, AVP/Escrow Officer / Waxahachie

Carey Norton, VP/Sr. Escrow Officer / Granbury

Mandy Pruett, VP/Sr. Escrow Officer / Granbury

Lorrie Ellebracht, Sr. Escrow Officer / Red Oak

Kristina Perales, Jr. Escrow Officer / Red Oak

Jessica Barton, Escrow Officer, Midlothian